The Future of Libraries: Do We Have Five Years to Live?

ABCPLD is pleased to be a sponsor of the two-day institute, “The Future of Libraries: Do   We Have Five Years to Live?” scheduled to be held in Vancouver, November 12-13, at the Vancouver Club.  This is a unique program planned by and for public library CEOs/Directors and University Librarians and their senior staff. In a world filled with turbulent change, are libraries keeping pace?  Are we innovating and engaging our communities with all the opportunities available?  Are we choosing the right focus and priorities?  Join the discussions and interactive problem-solving!  Details are here:



Welcome to the Association of British Columbia Public Library Directors (ABCPLD)

 “Leaders think for themselves, and they don’t always do what they’re told. They learn, and weigh, and decide. They create the future. (Tresse to Rachel in “Building Harlequin’s Moon,” by Nevin and Cooper)

ABCPLD is a gathering place for sharing, asking questions, and supporting each other in our journeys in our broader communities.  The association provides:

  •  Leadership for representing the public library sector to governments
  • A communications network through in person meetings twice a year and online tools
  • A venue for knowledge sharing of promising practices and idea generation for cooperative solutions among libraries
  • Professional development sessions on topics of high interest to the membership
  • An annual Award of Excellence to recognize outstanding leadership in library advocacy, innovation, and/or contribution to the library community

We share the privilege of working in much beloved community institutions that are built on a tradition of values, trust and public service and present opportunity for a promising future. Our environments are forever changing, requiring us to stay current on practices and trends and make decisions about what to implement and when, for whom, at what cost and with what funding.

ABCPLD is where we meet as colleagues. With a common understanding of the challenges, opportunities and demands of our positions, we are compassionate listeners who respond thoughtfully.


New ABCPLD website

The new site is based on WordPress.  All members of ABCPLD will need to register for an account on the wordpress site in order to access the document repository (downloads & links) as well as on the phpBB bulletin board in order to access the board and participate in discussions.