Awards of Excellence

BC Public Library Directors’ Award of Excellence

This award recognizes outstanding leadership of a public library director who is a member of the ABCPLD and is presented once a year for excellence in library advocacy, innovation, and/or contribution to their library community.

2019 Awarded to Jenny Benedict of the West Vancouver Memorial Library
2016 Awarded to Jane Watkins of the North Vancouver City Library
2014 Awarded to Sandra Singh of the Vancouver Public Library
2013 Awarded to Greg Buss of the Richmond Public Library
2012 Awarded to Emma Dressler of the Fernie Heritage Library
2011 Awarded to Beth Barlow of the Surrey Public Library
2010 Awarded to Paul Whitney of the Vancouver Public Library
2009 Awarded to Edel Toner-Rogala of the Burnaby Public Library
2008 Awarded to Sheila Pfeifer of the Lillooet Library Association